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Controls a class on a target element when the user interacts with the current element.


  1. The selector of an element to modify: .my-element
  2. The class to toggle: some-class

Arguments must be separated by a comma and (optionally) whitespace. If no element can be found at the target selector, this feature will have no effect. Also, note that only the first element found will be toggled—that is, querySelector rather than querySelectorAll.

On a button

<button data-trimmings-toggle=".diagram, diagram--highlighted">
  Highlight diagram

When used on a <button>, the class is toggled every time the button is clicked. If the target element has the class when the page loads, the first button click will remove the element. Even if the class is added or removed by some other means (i.e. Javascript or another toggle element), the button click will always toggle the class based on the current state of the element.

On a text input

<input type="text" data-trimmings-toggle=".text-form, form--filled" />

On a <input> with type text, the class’s presence is synced with the presence of a value. If the field contains any text—even just whitespace—the class will be added to the target element. If the field is empty, the class will be removed. Trimmings will sync the class state whenever the field triggers an input or change event.

Radios and checkboxes

<input type="radio" name="color" value="green" data-trimmings-toggle=".radio-status, green-checked" />
<input type="radio" name="color" value="blue" data-trimmings-toggle=".radio-status, blue-checked" />

On an <input> of type checkbox or radio, the class’s presence is synced with the checked state of the input: if the input is checked, the class is added.

Note that when a radio button is checked, other radio buttons with the same name attribute will be unchecked. If those elements also have Toggle hints, their statuses will be updated at the same time. In our example here, clicking the radio button with value "green" will add the class green-checked to our element with class radio-status; proceeding to click the radio button with value "blue" will add the class blue-checked to our element with class radio-status and remove the class green-checked.

Consider the details

Trimmings’s maintainers recommend using Toggle only for visual enhancements and not to disclose content. For disclosure, we recommend using the native and more accessible <details> tag.