Trimmings Trimmings


Trimmings offers many features for adding rich interaction to your static HTML. Most features are enabled by adding data-trimmings-* attributes to interactive elements like buttons and links. Some, like Current, listen for changes to the current page and add classes to specific elements automatically. Refer to the pages below for more details on each feature.

Autosubmit: Submit your form automatically when a field changes.

Current: Style links to the current page automatically.

Embed: Pre-fetch and replace links with the content they’re linking to on page load.

Enabled: Determine when Trimmings is in effect.

Hotkey: Add keyboard shortcuts to your links and buttons.

Inline: Load a linked page into the current page on click.

Remove: Remove elements from your page when the user clicks a button.

Replace: Update portions of your current page when the user clicks a link.

Toggle: Add and remove classes from your elements when the user interacts with form inputs.